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How do can cutters work?

  • November 30, 2016 at 6:38 am

A can cutter which is also known as a can opener is a device that is furnished with strong components to help drill cans. This has different components such as the sharp edge known as the wedge, the handle also known as the wheel and axle and the long two arms known as the lever.

The wheel and axle is responsible for rotating the device round the can; the lever will grip onto the can while the wedge is responsible for cutting the can.

How do can cutters work?

If you are familiar with the use of Can Cutters, this isn’t for you. But for those who are new to using can cutters, this is how it works.

The first thing you have to do is to attach the lever (i.e the long two arms) onto the can. Make sure the lever fit perfectly to the can.
Start turning the wheel and axle which is known as the handle. By so doing, the wheel and axle rotates around the can and cut it with the help of the wedge.
This might be difficult for you at first; you just have to keep trying until you become perfect.

Types of Can Cutters

Electric Cutter

This requires little human effort as the cutter is furnished with magnets to hold onto the can and carry out the cutting itself. All you have to do is to place the can rightly under the cutter, and watch the magnet cut the can as it rotates it.

Claw-shaped cutter

This cutter is one of the preeminent cutters for opening cans. This is a manual cutter therefore you have to make us of your hand to rotate the wheel and axle to open the can and thereafter pour out the content.

Side Can Cutter

Some people love to have clean and smooth cut, and they can achieve that with the use of this side can cutter. The cutter comes with additional serrated feed wheel which gives the user exceptional grasp while wedging through the lid.

Single Wheel Cutter

For those in search of a finer cutter, you can also go for this single wheel cutter. It is also furnished with magnets that keep the can in position, cutting the lid while you rotate the wheel.

Can key cutter

This type of cutter is operated manually, although it is a glass bottle opener but it has a piece of metal that has a sharp pointing edge which can be used to drill the lid.


Can cutter is a very essential tool that you will find in the kitchen. So if you are in need of one and you are confused on which one you should buy, I will suggest you get the electric can cutter as it will save you much energy and reduce your effort when it comes to cutting cans.